Governor Quinn Acts on Arbitrator Appointments

Governor Quinn has reappointed nine of the 11 arbitrators whose terms expired on July 1, 2012.

Arbitrator / Zone:

1. George Andros     Geneva, Joliet, Ottawa
2. Gerald Granada    Collinsville, Herrin, Mt Vernon
3. Douglas Holland   Rockford, Waukegan, Woodstock
4. Nancy Lindsay      Quincy, Springfield, Urbana
5. Stephen Mathis     Bloomington, Kewanee, Peoria
6. Neva Neal               On medical leave
7. Peter O’Malley      Chicago, Wheaton
8. Maureen Pulia       Bloomington, Kewanee, Peoria
9. Brandon Zanotti   Chicago

Arbitrator Peter Akemann of Zone 2 (Quincy, Springfield, Urbana) and Jacqueline Kinnaman of Zone 6 (Chicago and Wheaton) were not reappointed. Other arbitrators will cover their hearing sites.

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