WC Reform Just a Few Days Away?

The General Assembly is on the cusp of passing a worker’s comp reform bill that the Governor will likely sign perhaps as early as next week. While there still may be some minor changes to the current proposal contained in Amendment #3 to House Bill 1689, the current version will likely pass in its current form.

This reform proposal does not alter the causation standard or strictly impose AMA guidelines on PPD decisions, but does require consideration of AMA guidelines in the PPD determination. In addition, it reduces the Fee Schedule in some important respects, and has favorable terms for wage differential and carpal tunnel claims for employers. There are other important provisions proposed, some favorable to employers and some not, but this appears to be the bill that will pass in response to the Governor’s call for workers’ compensation reform. If you would like a more detailed summary of the currently proposed changes to the Act, please contact us.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce has issued a “does not support but will not oppose” position as the amendments carry some benefit for its members, but do not provide the “meaningful reform” demanded by the business community. Please watch for future blog posts as we monitor the activities in Springfield through the end of the current legislative session on Tuesday, May 31.

Have a terrific holiday weekend!

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